3 April 2021

Punk Scholars Network in the Netherlands participant Yorgos Paschos from Greece is looking for people who can help him with his Research Master of Arts thesis in sociology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

His research question is: What role does physical space play in collective identity-making of Do It Yourself cultural-political centres in times of coronavirus pandemic lockdown?

Yorgos Paschos is looking for people who are members of or are affiliated with Dutch DIY places or squats (an example can be ACU in Utrecht) in order to do interviews (approximately 12-15 people).

Several PSN the Netherlands participants have suggested contacts, but more is welcome.

If you have relevant information, then you may help Yorgos Paschos here.

4 March 2021

This 4 March 2021 video is an interview by Punk Scholars Network international chair Mike Dines with Herman de Tollenaere of PSN in the Netherlands.

The automatic subtitles confused some words. Eg, the band Ruts was misspelled, the word fanzine was too difficult for it, so was the name Blavatsky, thought became sold, Crass became Grass, Poison Girls became Boys and Girls …

There was this earlier interview with Fakhran Ramadhan of PSN in Indonesia.

More interviews about other countries have already been uploaded, here.