Conference 4 December 2021

On Saturday 4 December 2021, there will be the first-ever conference day of the Punk Scholars Network Netherlands, founded early this year.

It will be in OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134 1075 XL Amsterdam. How to get there? See here.

It is part of, the first day of, the 4-11 December worldwide conference of the Punk Scholars Network. We organise it jointly with the Denmark/Germany PSN affiliate. Our conference day schedule is complete. So, unfortunately, we have to refer new paper proposals to other days of the global conference.

December 2021 conference poster

Scholarly papers on punk by authors from the Netherlands and from abroad will be read. There will be panels. There will be a film. Bands will play. Bands that confirmed so far are Azijnpisser from Eindhoven, Periot from Arnhem, and Livmoder from Rotterdam, so all from the Netherlands, and Hetze from Belgium.

PSN 2021 international conference

There are two main themes at the conference: venues: the connections of punk bands and their audiences to places in the Netherlands where it is possible to play. From the twilight of hippiedom in the 1970s till the coronavirus days of the 2020s.

The other main theme is women in punk in the Netherlands. Until a few years ago, women were underrepresented in scholarly and journalistic writings on punk in Britain. Scholars like Helen Reddington and Laura Way have started to rectify that lack of balance. Both will participate in our Amsterdam conference. Maybe contributing to starting a movement for such rectification in the Netherlands as well, where it is needed too.

At our keynote panel, Helen Reddington will interview Dutch punk women musicians of four generations: the 1977 first wave, the late twentieth century, the early twenty-first century, and the 2021 newest wave; meeting for the first time.

Our schedule (a work in progress, eg, when what bands play is still to be announced):

11:00 Welcome from the organisers and explanation by Anita Raghunath about how the day will run.

Panel 1: Punk and venues, Chair: Marie Arleth Skov

11:15 Paper by Herman de Tollenaere: Venues and punk concerts in greater Leiden 1976-1982

11:30 Eerlijk Zullen We Allen Spelen. 25-minute film by Minja Šarović, made in 2017

12:00 Paper by Yorgos Paschos on DIY venues in the Netherlands in the post-2020 COVID-19 times: Physical Space and Collective Identity- Making: DIY Cultural- Political Centers in Times of Lockdown

12:15 Discussion about the papers and the film

12:50 lunch till 13.30 while punk records play for the internet audience

Panel 2: Women in punk. Chair: Rosa Jonker

13.30 Paper by Louise Barrière: Appropriations and articulations of feminist discourses in the French and German punk scenes.

13:50 Paper by Marie Arleth Skov, PSN Denmark-Germany: Punk Feminism in 1980s Denmark.

14:10 Paper by Laura Way about the UK: Rip it up, start again? Creating zines with older punk women

14:30 Paper by Anita Raghunath and Herman de Tollenaere on Women in Dutch punk, 1976-1982. Figures and forgetfulness.

14:45 Discussion on these papers

15:30 Pause

16:00 Keynote panel: Dutch punk girls, 1976 till today, Chair: Anita Raghunath

Helen Reddington interviews Dutch punk women of four generations, 1976-2021

First, 1977, wave: Terry. Hear Covergirl EP of her band Cheap ‘n’ Nasty:

Second, late 20th century, wave: Wick. Hear and see her Bambix live here:

That song, Westboro Wankers, is about religious fundamentalists. Same theme as No More Violence On TV, the fourth song written by Terry on the Cheap ‘n’ Nasty EP. Talking about connections between different generations of punk women.

Third, early 21st-century wave: Andrea Gálová. Hear her live with her band De Fatwa’s.

Fourth, 2020s, generation, Pernilla Ellens. Hear her band Livmoder, founded in 2021:

Zillah Minx, of Rubella Ballet band and maker of the film She’s A Punk Rocker, and others, both in the conference hall and on Zoom, will want to ask panel members something as well.

18:00 Dinner

19:30 Interview by Marie Arleth Skov with German punk musician/author Desiree Fischbach, of the Berlin-based international band Schwarze Zukunft.

This video from Germany is called Schwarze Zukunft – Schwarze Zukunft (16.05.2021 Berlin, Køpi-Platz Kundgebung).

20.00 Final words, by Herman de Tollenaere

20:10 Bands

If you want to be connected to the conference on the internet, then the access code will be here.