Saturday 18 June. Women in punk in the Netherlands. OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134 1075 XL in Amsterdam

Door open 13:00

13:30 Welcome from the organisers, and explanation about how the day will run

13:40 First panel: Women in punk in North America, in the UK and in the Netherlands, parallels and differences. Chair: Rosa Jonker

13:42 Film by Helen Reddington and Gina Birch: Stories from the She-Punks

14:30 Paper by Pauwke Berkers: Punk rock against gender roles (re-revisisted): Women punk performers in the Netherlands, 1976-1982

14:50 Paper by Anita Raghunath and Herman de Tollenaere: Women in Dutch punk, 1976-1982. Figures and forgetfulness

15:10 Discussion on this film and these papers

15:50 Coffee/tea break

16:20 Keynote panel: Dutch punk girls, 1977 till today. Chair: Anita Raghunath

Five women, interviewed by Helen Reddington, from first-wave punk woman to very recent one

One may ask: What are the connections between these generations of punk women?

First 1977 wave representative in the panel: Terry, bass/vocals in Cheap ‘n’ Nasty; earlier in PVC and Hideous

Hear Terry play and sing the songs she wrote for the Cheap ‘n’ Nasty Covergirl EP

Second wave, started late 1980s: Wick, guitar/vocals in Bambix

Hear and see Wick play and sing this song

Early 21st-century representative: Andrea, was singer in early 21st century Amsterdam band Fatwa’s

See and hear Andrea sing in this live video

2020s representative: Nana, guitar of the band Shortcuts, founded in 2021.

Also 2020s representative, as they are the most important wave for the future: Flo, bass of the Blood Bags.

17:20 Some people in the audience may want to say something

17:45 Final words, by Andrea

18:00 Dinner (at the vegan restaurant MKZ of OCCII).

20:00 To concert hall

20:15 Bands.