Stories from The She Punks: Music With A Different Agenda (trailer of 2019 film by Helen Reddington and Gina Birch of the Raincoats)

Today, Dr Helen Reddington aka Helen McCookerybook announced she wants to be interviewer at the keynote panel of the 4 December Punk Scholars Network Netherlands conference day, part of the worldwide PSN conference of early December 2021.

Dr Helen Reddington wrote books and articles, and made that film, about women in punk in Britain. See here.

Also today, guitarist/singer Wick of the band Bambix wrote that she wanted to represent the second, late 20th century, wave of women in punk in the Netherlands in the panel.

This way, Wick made the four-women panel complete.

First, 1977, wave: Terry of Cheap ‘n’ Nasty. Hear her play bass and sing on the four songs she wrote on the Covergirl EP.

Second, late 20th century, wave: Wick. Hear Bambix on this video.

Third, early 21st-century wave: Andrea Gálová. Hear her with her band De Fatwa’s live on this video.

Fourth, 2120s, generation, Pernilla Ellens. Hear her band Livmoder, founded in 2021.