Stories from The She Punks: Music With A Different Agenda (trailer of 2019 film by Helen Reddington and Gina Birch of The Raincoats)

Dr Helen Reddington aka Helen McCookerybook will be the interviewer at the keynote panel of the 18 June Punk Scholars Network Netherlands conference day in OCCII in Amsterdam. The theme of that day is Women in punk in the Netherlands.

Dr Helen Reddington wrote books and articles, and made that film, about women in punk in Britain. See here.

She will interview four women, representing four punk waves in the Netherlands, from the 1970s beginning till today.

First, 1977, wave: Terry of Cheap ‘n’ Nasty. Hear her play bass and sing on the four songs she wrote on the Covergirl EP.

Covergirl EP by Cheap ‘n’ Nasty

Second, late 20th century, wave: Wick, guitarist/singer of the band Bambix. Hear Bambix on this video.

Third, early 21st-century wave: Andrea Gálová. Hear her with her band De Fatwa’s live on this video.

Fourth, 2020s, generation, Emma Paulissen, bass/vocals in Moron.

Moron describes itself as:

Moron is a Dutch alternative punkrock band who with their planned chaos makes you totally lose your marbles. Powerful vocals à la Sex Pistols alternate with dramatic lyrics as only Mucc would do, on powerful unpredictable drums, roaring guitars and ominous bass lines. When Moron gets on stage you get enchanted by Kimberley’s magical voice and you can feast your eyes on the dazzling looks worn by the members.

Kimberley van Uden: guitar, lead vocals. Emma Paulissen: bass, backing vocals. Jarno van het Land: drums

Goddamn that’s a fucking sick band -Granny

Emma Paulissen