This 27 April 2022 live video shows a concert by Persona Non Data in the Basque country.

The Groningen punk band Persona Non Data consists of

Eva Oling – drums & vocals
Roisin Dowes – vocals
Rick Schonewille – bass

Jeroen van der Veen – guitar

After Wick Bambix, they were the second band playing on 18 June 2022 at our Women in Punk in the Netherlands conference in Amsterdam.

The audience in OCCII reacted enthusiastically to their loud and fast music.

In a few songs they sounded a bit, to me, like Sham 69 with Brody Dalle of the Distillers having replaced Jimmy Pursey on vocals (both bands which I like).

Roisin jumped off the stage in some songs, singing in the midst of the frantically dancing audience.

The T-shirt of singer Roisin shows a German anti-nazi slogan ‘Good night, white pride’.

The whole band Persona Non Data, with drummer Eva also singing.

Eva and Roisin

Roisin sings

Sometimes, Roisin jumped off the stage to sing in the midst of the enthusiastic audience. Including photographer Sue Rynski at work to her left.