This music video, rather: audio, is the Lou’s playing their song Back On The Street. The Lou’s in 1977 were one of the first European continent punk bands, and the first all-women band in any rock genre ever in France. Three of their members were French, one Dutch.

Here come links to reports on the December 2020 worldwide online Punk Scholars Network conference.

These reports are rather brief personal observations, not pretending to have any journalistic, sociological, musicological, etc. merit.

On 5 December 2020, there was the Punk Is Not Dead Pre-conference event of PIND/the Punk Scholars Network in France. ‘More research on the role of women in punk wanted’. Report is here.

On 13 December, it was about Britain and other European countries. Including papers on Siouxsie and the Banshees, Northern Irish Straight Edge women, and more.

This video is about discussion of straight edge issues that day.

More links to reports of that conference will follow.