A partly face-to-face, partly virtual, online, global conference spanning about eight days is being brought together by the Punk Scholars Network – be a part of it.

December 2021

Call for papers for the PSN the Netherlands day of the conference

UPDATE, 5 September 2021: Unfortunately, there are now so many paper submissions for the Punk Scholars Network the Netherlands day of the conference that we ask everyone to send paper proposals to the other affiliates of the international PSN network.

During the preparation for the conference, the international overarching theme of ‘Circuits, Networks, Connections’ was decided upon.

One may think, eg, of connections between punk and other music kinds like ska, between bands, between bands and audiences, bands and venues, between different cities and countries, networks of fanzines and other media.

Punk is a truly global phenomenon that manifests in myriad ways in different scenes, political, cultural and individual situations. Punk is many things to many people and seldom remains static over a lifetime. Changes in connectivity and technology, economic and political globalisation, and the global Coronavirus pandemic have impacted punk for better and worse. How have various local punk scenes responded, and how will they respond to crises like this, and what does their response tell us about punk as a global phenomenon?

The current Punk Scholars Network series Global Punk has attempted to capture the spread and variance of punk across the world (Bestley, Dines, Gordon & Guerra 2019, 2020; Bestley, Dines, Gordon, Grimes & Guerra 2021). The journal Punk & Post-Punk regularly features contributions from punk scholars in a variety of geographical locations and settings.

With these efforts, and others, serving as a base we are seeking to hold a conference that explores, examines and critically engages with punk scholars around the globe. Each PSN region will be responsible for one day over an about eight-day period in about 6-13 December 2020 and will include some academic papers or panels responding to this call for papers.

Due to venue availability, the PSN the Netherlands part may be on 4 December in the Vrijplaats in Leiden.

So far, there are ideas about a panel on venues in the Netherlands, from the 1970s till now. Including two papers and a film. And a keynote panel about the (neglected) role of women in punk in the Netherlands. With four women, from 1970s first wave punk girls till very recent ones, being interviewed.

More contributions are welcome. Not only on punk in the Netherlands, as, eg, papers about other countries showing similarities or differences with Dutch situations would be good for having an international perspective.

Taking punk seriously as a theme means considering the variety of experiences within local, national and international punk communities. This conference takes place against the backdrop of the global COVID-19 pandemic, making it still uncertain which parts will be face-to face, which parts will be only on the internet.

In keeping with the PSN’s wide ranging academic reach, we are seeking contributions from a range of interdisciplinary areas, including, but not limited to: cultural studies, musicology, ethnography, art and design, humanities, performing arts, and the social sciences. Papers and panels could cover the following themes, (list is by no means exhaustive):

  • Globalisation of new media, communications, social networking, internet
  • Ethnographic considerations of scene/space and borders
  • In what ways does gender, ethnicity, race, sexuality, disability, class, religious beliefs, and cultural norms shape punk?
  • Music and the performer: creativity, authorship, identity, problems with definition, crossing musical boundaries.
  • Reception: DIY culture, activism.
  • Lifestyle: crustpunk, squatter, vegetarianism, animal rights, straight edge etc within different cultural contexts.
  • The art of punk: record covers, concert flyers, fanzine design and associated graphic styles.

Punk Scholars Network events and conferences usually mix the conventionally “scholarly” with the more informal or “organic” intellectualism which punks often display. We therefore invite proposals of a non-standard type, including films, performances, Q and As with punks or punk performers and other creative mediums. In other words, you are welcomed and wanted to be a part of this global conference, so please don’t worry if you’ve never set foot in a university.

It is intended that this will be a face-to-face conference, with internet live streaming, where medically possible; and an online only conference where face-to-face is medically not possible, spanning about eight days, from December 4th until December 13th 2020 inclusive. Each region with a PSN affiliate is responsible for programming one day. The provisional planned schedule includes:

Saturday 4th December: PSN the Netherlands and Denmark/Germany

Thursday 10th/Friday 11th December: PSN France

11th December: PSN Brasil

The affiliates will put together a mixed programme for their day based on a mixture of submissions and connections with local punk scenes. If you wish to take part, please submit your proposal to the relevant affiliate, if there is not one in your immediate geographical region then please submit it to the affiliate that aligns with your time zone for ease of inclusion. Proposals should be 350 words maximum (or equivalent, 3 minutes if a video clip for example) and do not have to be in English, please feel that you can use the language of your region, eg, Dutch in the Netherlands, if you wish.

UPDATE, 5 September 2021: Unfortunately, there are now so many paper submissions for the Punk Scholars Network the Netherlands day of the conference that we ask everyone to send paper proposals to the other affiliates of the international PSN network, before 31th September 2021.

Successful submissions will be notified by 15th October 2021, all submissions will be responded to by 28th October 2021.