This 28 August 2020 music video from England says about itself:

The RamonasRebellion Punk Festival 2020 (online stream) Havana Affair (Ramones) Bonzo Goes To Bitburg (Ramones) Our World (Ramonas) 2016 (£**k Thi$) (Ramonas)

On 18 December 2020, there was the Punk Scholars Network internet conference second day about Britain and other European countries.

Here are my personal impressions of that day.

First, there was James Rendell – The Shape of (Live) Punk to Come?: The Rise of Online Music Portal Shows During the Covid-19 Global Pandemic. Examples of online music are the Ramonas (see above) and Zounds.

Then came Nikola Vojnović – Subcultural Event Tourism: The Case Study of Monte Paradiso Festival in Pula (Croatia). This punk festival attracted 300 visitors the first time in 1992. In the years before the coronavirus crisis, it attracted 1000-3000 people.

Then came Waldemar Kuligowski from Poland. After some technical problems had been solved, he could start his presentation From the “Sold” Festival to the Punk “Open-Air Museum”. It was about two annual open-air punk festivals in Poland.

Punk in Poland had started in 1978 when the Raincoats from England had played there.

This music video is called Raincoats in Warsaw, April 1978. With Gina Birch on bass and Ana da Silva on guitar. The video continues with a 1979 London concert, when Vicki Aspinall had joined them on violin.

In 1980 was the Jarocin festival for the first time. Then, only Polish bands. Later, also foreign punk bands like the Anti-Nowhere League and GBH played.

In 1994, the festival had become commercial. Cigarette corporation Marlboro was the sponsor. This caused conflict. Only in 2004 the festival started again. Bands like Bad Religion and Bad Brains came. But there was pressure by authorities to go in a Roman Catholic and nationalist direction.

In 2008 came for the first time a festival in Goniadz in eastern Poland. Reunited old bands played there, and also new bands, recently started especially in eastern Poland.