PSN Indonesia 2021 conference poster

After the Punk Scholars Network Netherlands day on 4 December, and the North America day on 5 December, came:

Indonesia: Virtual Conference
Tuesday 7th December 2021
14.20 – 14.50   Zoom Opens!

Here comes the first part of my report on that day.

Over 100 people attended.

14.50 – 15.00   Opening speech. It was by Fakhran Ramadhan.

15.00 – 15.20   20 Minutes Sharing Session with Yotam Ben Horin (member of Israeli punk band Useless ID). He was interviewed by Barakalla Robyn.

15.20 – 18.20   Keynotes (and Q & A) in the Main Room:

            1. William Anthony Yanko. His subject was Mapping the politics of Indonesian hip-hop. He had interviewed hip-hoppers in various parts of Indonesia.  ‘Are there also female rappers?’ he was asked. ‘Yes, but they encounter sexism which sometimes makes them stop’.    

            2. Elise Imray Papineau spoke about DIY and mutual aid in various social movements. Like the pro-refugee and pro-climate movement in Australia.  And craftivism in the Philippines. And women’s abortion rights in Indonesia.

            3. Jim Donaghey from Northern Ireland came next. He apologized for not showing any slides. On the days get had planned to make these slides, there was a strike at his university against the precariousness of academic jobs, and he had been active in the strike. He spoke about punk versus neoliberalism. He compared the situation of punks in China and Indonesia on this.

The next part of my report on the PSN Indonesia conference will follow in another blog post.

            4. Kevin Dunn


18.20 – 18.30   Performance byYotam Ben Horin (Useless ID, band from Israel)


18.30 – 20.00   Panel 1, with Yuka Dian Narendra (Chair):


1.     Rudolf Dethu         

2.     Stephanus Adjie     

3.     Hardinansyah Siji   

20.00 – 20.30   Q&A Session

20.30 – 20.45   Closing Ceremony