This photo, by John Paulissen like the other photos in this post, is of the panel of Dutch co-authors of the new book Punks Listen, at the book presentation on 7 October 2022 in OCCII, Amsterdam.

Punk Scholars Network in the Netherlands co-organised this successful book launch.

Left to right on the photo: Marcel Stol, bass/vocals of the band Neuroot. Anita Raghunath, panel chair. Herman de Tollenaere, vocals/toy saxophone of Cheap ‘n’ Nasty. Andries van den Broek, accordeon in Bunch Of Bastards. Emma Paulissen, bass/vocals in Daddy.

Daddy, Neuroot, Bunch of Bastards played after the panel.

Daddy playing, Emma Paulissen on bass on the right

Neuroot playing, Marcel on bass on the right
Bunch of Bastards playing, Andries on accordeon