The Punk Girl Diaries, by Lene and Vim from England, published their printed zine #5, see the music video above. They are planning to have their new printed zine, #6, out on 18 May.

The Punk Girl Diaries are special to the Dutch affiliate of the Punk Scholars Network, which might not have been founded without them. After reading at the PGD that the December 2020 international Punk Scholars Network conference would happen on the internet, Terry and Herman, in 1979 co-founders of the band Cheap ‘n’ Nasty, participated. In early 2021, they became co-founders of the Dutch PSN branch.

Vim and Lene promise many interviews in the new issue, eg, with Celeste Bell, daughter of the late crucial Poly Styrene of X-ray Spex.

Also an article on the late Vi Subversa, singer/guitarist of Poison Girls. Cheap ‘n’ Nasty opened for Poison Girls in 1980 and 1981.

Finally, Lene and Vim will ask: what’s the actual point of Soundchecks? For Terry, the answer to that question is clear. A few days before playing in the Milky Way in Amsterdam in November 1980, she wrote Covergirl on her bass. The rest of the band heard it first at the Milky Way soundcheck. The song clicked immediately with everyone. They played it at that show, also as an encore. In spring 1981, Covergirl became the title track of Cheap ‘n’ Nasty’s EP, on the band’s own label.