Dear all,
Punk Scholars Network Conference 2021 will be coming to your town from 4th – 11th December and Indonesia will be on Tuesday, 7th December 2021.Thanks to everyone who attended the PSN Indonesia Conference 2020. We have recordings of available at the following links: Breakout Room A: Jeremy Wallach & Fathun Karib: Room B: Iskandar Zulkarnaen & William Anthony Yanko: Room A: Defining the Places of Subculture: Room B: Stories of the Communities: Room A: Movements in Subculture: Room B: Punk, Then and Now: Room A: Hikmawan Saefullah & Elise Imray Papineau: Room B: Emma Baulch & Ignatius Aditya: on Tuesday, 7th December 2021, our keynotes are:

1. Kevin Dunn (Hobart and William Smith College, USA)
2. Elise Imray Papineau (Grifftih University, Australia)
3. Jim Donaghey (Ulster University, Northern Ireland)
4. William Anthony Yanko (RMIT University, Australia)

Besides, we have The Call for Public Gathering which will be moderated by Yuka Dian Narendra and our speakers are:

1. Rudolf Dethu
2. Stephanus Adjie
3. Hardinansyah Siji

for more info, visit @psn_indonesia15 or the Punk, PSN Indonesia Organizer.