My introduction at the presentation of the book Punks Listen, on 7 October in OCCII in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Welcome, everyone!

We are here for the launch of the book Punks Listen.

All proceeds from this book will go to Red Cross work to help the victims of the Ukraine war.

The anarchist punk Hope Collective in Ireland has published this book.

We here are a world first. The book presentation in Ireland will come later.

In this book, over 200 persons, punk band members, also some record label managers, DJs etc. , tell which record has impressed them most.

People from all over the world contributed, people from bands from Crass to Black Flag.

From the Netherlands, four people sitting here on the chairs contributed.

In order of writing Andries van den Broek, of the band Bunch of Bastards. Me, of Cheap ´n´ Nasty. Emma Paulissen of Daddy. And Marcel Stol of Neuroot. That is also the order in which we will speak in the panel. These four people will explain tonight which records they chose and why.

Then, three bands including co-authors of the book will play. First, Daddy, including Emma on bass and vocals. As far as I know, it is their first concert. So, we all wish them lots of success! Then, the band Neuroot, including Marcel on bass and vocals. Last but not least, Bunch of Bastards with Andries on accordion.

Also, others from the Netherlands contributed to the book. Michael Kopijn of wrote how a United States band inspired him to become a drummer. Willem of Antillectual writes that one way to oppose the Ukraine war and to oppose Putin, is by supporting anti-war Russian punks like Pussy Riot. Andy Moor of the Ex also contributed to the book, about his African favourite music. So did Ajay Saggar about jazz guitarist Sonny Sharrock.

Anita Raghunath will chair the panel. So, now, I hand over to you, Anita!