From Richard Alexander in the international Punk Scholars Network group. This book may be available at the Punk Scholars Network Netherlands conference, 18 June, Amsterdam. A later volume in the series will have a chapter on the Netherlands, 1976-1982:

First book in series Anarchism and Punk is nearing completion. Here’s what you can expect from Smash The System! Punk Anarchism as a Culture of Resistance:

Foreword: Punk – dangerous utopia. Participants in the CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’ Collective.

Introduction: Smash All Systems! Jim Donaghey, Will Boisseau and Caroline Kaltefleiter.

Chapter One. Punk in South Africa: Race, class, colonialism and capitalism. Kevin C Dunn.

Chapter Two. Kubazuela: Remembering a Caribbean anarchist punk connection between Cu-ba and Venezuela (‘with rum but without Coca-Cola’). Rodolfo Montes de Oca. Translated by Luke Ray Di Marco Campbell.

Chapter Three. Punk archive: Collectionism, memories and resistance in Brazil (1979-2000). Antônio Carlos de Oliveira.

Chapter Four. The meanings of anarchism in Brazilian punk: A socio-historical approach. João Batista de M Bittencourt and Tiago de Jesus Vieira.

Chapter Five. Anarchist punk and post-left anarchism in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay (1983-1993). Mariana Gabriela Calandra.

Chapter Six. The (anti-)neoliberalism of Chilean punk anarchism. Max Woods.

Chapter Seven. ‘I’m here, and don’t forget it’: Punk, anarchism, repression, and resistance in the Basque Country and Chile. Asel Luzarraga in interview with Jim Donaghey.

Chapter Eight. State liberation or state abolition? Czech punk between anti-Communism and anarchism. Ondřej Daniel.

Chapter Nine. WAR DANCE (fck war, let’s dance): Anarchism, punk, and DIY music in Croatia since the 1990s. Marko Vojnić in interview with Len Tilbürger.

Chapter Ten. ΜΓΔ: The figure of the cop in the anarchic lyrics of Greek punk. Christos Marneros.

Chapter Eleven. ‘We spread the black flag around us’: The punk scene and the anarchist movement in Athens (late 1970s-2010). Yannis N Kolovos.

Chapter Twelve. The anarchist ethics of punk: The Punk Ethics collective in the UK. Jay Kerr.

Chapter Thirteen. Trans-feminist punk in the United States: Collective action, activism, and a libidinal economy of noise. Casey Robertson.

Chapter Fourteen. Anarchism and democracy in Indonesia: An underground perspective. M Rizky Sasono.

Chapter Fifteen. AS A PUNK DANGLING FROM THE VERTICAL SOCIETY: Punk in northern Japan as a ‘culture of transgression’. James D Letson.

Chapter Sixteen. ‘Anarchy in the PRC’: Anarchist practices and references in the Chinese punk movement. Nathanel Amar.