Thanks to everyone who attended the PSN Indonesia conference on December 7th, 2021. We have recordings of the contributions available at the following links:

William Anthony Yanko. Mapping the politics of Indonesian hip-hop

Jim Donaghey. Punk versus neoliberalism

Kevin Dunn. On Myanmar punk band Rebel Riot

Elise Papineau. About DIY and mutual aid in various social movements

Questions and Answers Session 1

Rudolf Dethu, Punk, and other music styles like rockabilly, in Bali

Hardinansyah Siji. Music in Makassar, Sulawesi island

Stephanus Adjie. Heavy metal in Solo aka Surakarta in Java

QnA Session 2

The event consisted of 7 countries across 6 days, including events in Brasil, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Iberia, France, the US and Canada. Thanks also to those who value the Network and have contributed to our fundraiser. There is still time to donate – so please go here:

See you all this year in December 2022!

Up the Punk, PSN Indonesia Organizer.