Power en Diversiteit: In elke Riot meid? Een onderzoek naar derde golf feminisme en de Riot Grrrl beweging- Utrecht University, BA thesis musicology, by Eveline Wentzel, 2014

‘De muzikale en tekstuele analyse zullen worden gebaseerd op twee nummers die zijn uitgebracht door Riot Grrrl bands: Bikini Kill’s ‘Rebel Girl’ en Huggy Bear’s ‘Her Jazz’’. So, analysis of music and lyrics of two songs: songs by the first United States and first British Riot Grrrl band. No attention for other countries, like the author’s the Netherlands. Such attention would have needed much research and much writing, exceeding the size of a BA thesis.

On p. 9, the thesis describes Bikini Kill as an all-women band, including a female guitarist. They are by now, but they were not yet so in the 1990s when they made Rebel Girl.

Rebel Girl by the way was recently covered by US teenage punk girl band the Linda Lindas.

The conclusion of the thesis is that the Riot Grrrl movement represents insufficiently the diversity of women in national origins and class for which Third Wave feminism aims to fight. Basing that conclusion only on two songs by two bands may not be enough. One might note that Riot Grrrl has connections with Mexican American punk women like Alice Bag, and the Black British women’s punk band Big Joanie. The Linda Lindas are all women of colour.