Straight edge revenge: Toewijding en authenticiteit binnen het punkveld

Rianne Kasse 267304rk
Master Sociologie van Kunst en Cultuur
Faculteit der Historische en Kunstwetenschappen
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam


This 2007 thesis applies the theories of sociologist Pierre Bourdieu to the Straight Edge sub-tendency within punk. Based both on literature, mainly from the USA, and the author’s experiences at Straight Edge concerts in the Netherlands. The author describes a paradox: while lyrics are often anti-sexist, at concerts mechanisms excluding and marginalising girls are often at work. Rianne Kasse personally prefers other musical subgenres within punk.

According to her, in the Netherlands, most Straight Edge musicians are in bands also including non-sXe band members. She thinks that may be different from the USA.