This is a 1991 live video of a concert by Nirvana and L7 in the USA.

It was a concert for Rock For Choice. That movement was started by all-women punk band L7 to oppose governments making abortion illegal, thus endangering women´s lives.

In Rock For Choice concerts, not only all women bands played, also mixed gender bands and all men bands like Nirvana.

Already about 1979-1980, there were links between the pro choice movement and punk rock in various countries.

In the UK, bands like X-ray Spex, the Mo-dettes and the Au Pairs played at Rock Against Corrie events for women´s rights. This is a 1979 poster.

In Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Cheap ´n´ Nasty played at a big pro-choice rally in the Vondelpark.

Now, there is a threat of abortion becoming illegal in the USA because of the Supreme Court. Will Rock For Choice be revived, internationally?